Saturday, May 4, 2013

New England's Timeless Decoration: The Folk Art of Moses Eaton, Jr. and Rufus PorterSuzanne's next presentation will be at the 3rd Congregational Church in Alstead, NH on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at 7PM. 

It will be a fun and informative evening! Attendees will learn about the quintessential folk art of Moses Eaton, Jr. and Rufus Porter, and the impact their folk art had on the lives of rural New Englanders and the history of decorative arts in America.

The evening will feature a slideshow of Suzanne's journeys throughout New England, where she have conducted research in homes, inns and taverns with Eaton's historic wall stenciling and Porter's signature landscape murals. Early stenciled homes in the Monadnock area will be showcased:  The Moses Eaton, Jr. Home, in Harrisville; the Colburn-Weston Home in Temple; and Alstead's own Hutchinson-Hitch House.  The history of wall stenciling in New England, the life and times of Moses Eaton, Jr., and the genius of Rufus Porter, are all topics that will be explored.  

Don't miss this must see event offered by the Alstead Centennial Commitee!
Suzanne has been researching, studying and writing about early New England wall stenciling for over 10 years, and her research has been published in The Decorator, a publication of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration. In 2005, Suzanne completed a project at North Reading's David Damon Tavern, where she stenciled the walls of the Historical Society's Welcome Center in the tradition of 19th century stenciler, Moses Eaton, Jr.