Monday, December 7, 2015

New Rufus Porter Inspired Landscape Mural!

I just started a new Rufus Porter inspired harbor scene!  Backgrounds are done,  and the "shells"  of the colonial homes on the main island are in.  This painting is 24" X 36".  All of  the harbor scenes that I paint are my interpretation of Porter's view of Casco Bay, Portland Maine.  Around 1812, when young Rufus was a fife and drummer in the Portland Light Infantry, he trained many days on Munjoy Hill.  At that time, the hillside was planted with magnificent feather duster Elm trees, which surrounded his view of the harbor.  Some believe that the expansive harbor scenes that he would later paint on the walls of homes, inns, and taverns were inspired by his memory of those days spent on Munjoy Hill overlooking Casco bay with its numerous islands and sailboats.  Please visit for more information on my paintings in the spirit of Rufus Porter!

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